Validation Advise

ISO 11135 - ISO 11137

Every claim on a Medical Device label requires evidence...

Sterility: Microbiological Validation
Expiry Date: Packaging Validation
Sterilization parameters: Process Validation
Maintaining process effectiveness:  Periodic Dose Audits


  • Advise to producers of Sterile Medical Devices based on the Standards ISO 11137 and ISO 11135 and supporting standards
  • Support in:
    • Product Validation (Microbiological Validation)
    • Process Validation (Dose Mapping)
    • Writing Validation Master Files, Validation Studies and Technical Files
    • Training of Production and Management in the relevant standards
    • Training of Cleanroom Technicians (Cleanroom awareness and behavior)
    • Microbiological monitoring of classified Cleanrooms and a-septic Production locations
    • Accompaniment of customers during product- and process validation
    • Support during Audits
Validation Advise

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Validation Advise

Creation of complete Validation Master Files:

  • Site Master File
  • Validation Master File
  • Creation of Product Families
  • Creation of Processing Categories
  • Validation Protocol
  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • Maintaining Process Effectiveness
Validation Advise

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