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Medisize Schweiz AG part of Phillips Medisize, a Molex Company is an End-to End Provider of Innovation, Development, and Manufacturing Solutions serving Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, and Medical Device Customers. Medisize Schweiz AG manufactures plastic articles for applications in medical technology as well as pharmaceutical primary and food packaging.

We would like to confirm that Mr. Kees Frémery, born on JULY 15, 1963, from the Netherlands, worked for our company from 1st April 2017 until 30th June 2019 as a Consultant in the area of Sterilization and Bioburden. Mr. Frémery worked closely with the Quality Manager of the site and reported in this function directly to the Quality Compliance Manager – Europe.

His area of responsibility included:

  • Consulting of Medisize Schweiz AG in sterilization validation of their products (Gamma, Ethylene oxide)
  • Consulting the company in regards of questions to microbiological requirements bioburden
  • Training of specialized personnel (quality department, customer service)

Mr. Frémery did not hesitate to go the extra miles to make sure he understood his tasks. Moreover, he brought significant experience in the primary pharmaceutical packaging and device market as he worked in others Phillips Medisize plants in Europe.

At the request of Mr. Frémery, we prepared this reference letter. It has been good to have Mr. Frémery in the team, and we wish him all the best for further projects. 

Medisize Schweiz AG

Dr. Jürg Wiedler                                   Ivo Dolezal

Managing Director                              Quality Manager


30th June 2019

Customer reviews


Kees has extensive knowledge of the sterilization validation of medical devices. He also actively contributes to this and comes up with good solutions. Even if the validation route to be followed is less obvious, Kees will come up with the right solution. It is also important that he knows how to translate the information from the various standards into an explanation that is easy to understand for laymen. In short, Kees provides a clear explanation with a pleasant cooperation.

Customer reviews


"I have worked with Kees Fremery since 2004 with questions related to microbiological issues and validation of sterilizations.
Kees Fremery has always shown to be professional and skilled and his expertise has been of great use to us in our work to produce sterile medical devices."

Ove Sahl
Managing Director Bio-Hospital

Customer reviews

MedInvents N.V.

Mr. Kees Frémery has been a loyal and competent advisor to our company MedInvents for 6 years. One of MedInvents' core tasks is to market the product in sterile packaging. The steam sterilization, validations were co-initiated by Mr. Frémery. Since then, we see each other at least once a year to re-validate the sterilization unit or faster if the production process is adjusted. Each time, the very solid expertise was kindly transferred to the people involved in the process on a daily basis. Even in unexpected circumstances we could count on intense attention so that the problems were always completely resolved in a short time. MedInvents hopes to enjoy its specialized assistance for many years to come.

Magda Buttiens
CEO MedInvents N.V.

Customer reviews


In recent years, together with Mr Fremery, we have validated our medical device 2A products so that they could be sold commercially on the global market. During this time, and especially during microbiological audits, Mr. Fremery advised us in the, at some points, complex details of the ISO 11137. Mr. Fremery delivered a tailor-made "introduction to ISO 11137" "course to the employees of our company. Mr. Fremery is a customer and service-oriented consultant with extensive knowledge in the sterilization industry.

Arjen Barnhoorn, Plant Manager